Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement : 

Transforming the youth through holistic education towards an enlightened society .

Widen the mental horizon of the students by means of qualitative value aided and career-oriented education so that they may cope up well with the emerging competitive world.

Given extra attention to underprivileged communities by following  the norms of policy “include the excluded”

More focus on the sustainable development for the fulfillment of regional requirement to produce an environmental conscious future  generation.


Mission Statement : 

To promote the higher education in the tribal and rural area with best use of available resources.

To foster the success of students and the community through innovative and flexible learning opportunities.

To provide an environment of learning that enhances dissemination of knowledge.

To empower all the students to lead productive lives and become contributing members of the community by applying their acquired knowledge and skills.

To equip students with life skills in facing challenges and responsibilities .

To help students attain ethical, moral and social, spiritual and emotional integrity