Student Union

        The main objective of the student union is to train them about the process and its values. Along with this, its basic objective is awakening, expression, discipline and development. In the present context, politics has become a controlling force. The impact of politics can be seen in all spheres as a whole. In such a situation, preliminary information regarding politics is desired for the student. Therefore, in order to lay the foundation of healthy politics in colleges and to make them aware of the democratic system of governance, every year a student union is formed in this college by nomination/election method as per the instructions of the government. According to the rules, the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Co-Secretary and class representatives for each class are nominated on the basis of merit. All the representatives take the oath of office and secrecy and are constantly aware of the interests of the students while staying within their purview. Not only do special attention is given to study and teaching, along with cultural and many other legal activities are also organized throughout the year.

        The last student union was formed in 2017-18. After that notification was not received from the university regarding student union election/nomination.
(Student Union Committee)





Mobile No.


Dr. K. K. Markam

Asstt Professor





Mr. Ravindra Singh Chandrawanshi

Asstt Professor





Mr. Kuleshwar Prasad

Asstt Professor




( Student Union : 2016-17)

President :
Somdev Mandavi
Vice-President :
Ku. Chandrapriya
Secretary :
Dinesh Sinha
Co-Secretary :
Bhupendra Dewangan

(Student Union : 2017-18)

President :
Dinesh Sinha (MA-III Sem,Pol Science)
Vice-President :
Ku. Anju Rajak (MA-I Sem,Pol Science)
Secretary : 
Ku. Poornima Sinha (BA-III)
Co-Secretary : Ku. Nemika Sinha (BSc-II)